First of all I would like to welcome you on imodeyourday. I hope you have a great experience here and get the help you need and be able to find not only useful information but also get some ideas how to use smart products.


I am a 34-year-old man who loves technology. This world surely has changed the past twenty years. I remember having my first commodore computer in 1994. Everything seemed like it was very complicated with all the different operational platform. My first hard drive had 25 Megabytes. I could hardly imagine to ever fill that hard drive (funny if you read this today, as your pictures you make on your smartphone use more storage). This was the beginning of my true love for technical products. I’ve always tried to find new ways how to implement technical products in my life. Gadgets have ever been something fun for me and finding a way to use them productively.

Lots of years I spend trying to figure out how to effectively use computers or the internet or even mobile phones. To be able to manage my tough working schedule I bought an os palm, when they first came out. How it helped my daily life although nothing compared to today’s smartphones.

Well in 2009 I bought my first MacBook as well as an iPhone. Ever since 2009 I have gradually moved up in smart products and my goal was always that they make my life simpler and not harder.

Today I don’t only use a MacBook (pro) I also use an iPhone, and iPad an Apple Watch and even a SurfaceBook for other not apple programs I use. But this is not all. I love photography and videography. So I am fun of taking pictures and making professional videos. Many people just use whatever is in their pocket, which is usually a smartphone. Well today’s smartphone most certainly can offer you stunning photos but cameras can take this passion even further.

My goal was it always to use the top-notch product for a reasonable price. Being very good with math I figured out what products I need and what a reasonable price would be. It’s not the amount of smart products we have and try out but it is also important not to waste money in the long run or even time. Sometimes these gadgets can get demanding and that would be counterproductive.


Today we can say we have a wide variety of very nice products. Each product has many apps to choose. All which promise you, they will make your life easier.

Lots of times you find yourself stuck with what to buy. How much money should I spend and why should I get this smart THING. Sometimes we even ask ourselves, am I really better on than before? The reality is, that you need an efficient way to use your smart products.

You will find moments of really neat experiences but then you find moments where you are frustrated. You might have a hard time to figure out, how to solve the problem you have and that’s what I want to help you with.


This site is here for you to get more out of your smart world and find the right time when to upgrade and when to simply let go and wait for the next better thing.

You will find ideas how to use these products so much that it helps you, and not that they will clutter down your life. This site will give you access to personal troubleshooting some issues you are running into. It will be a place where you get recommendations what to get and how to effectively use them.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Philipp D. Frei